IMPORTANT: This game is in an early development phase, in which I am building the base functionality. As soon this game goes into Beta, there will be a one time FULL WIPE of the game and everyone starts again at 0.
The game still lacks a lot of features! Its brand new!

Catch your favorite friends in chat!

Here you can log in to check out, which users you already caught in chat..
More features coming soon, like collection challenges and useable items!

Whats Wopicatch?

Wopicatch is just a simple game for Twitch chat I wrote after having a brain fart. With !wopicatch (username) you can attempt to catch other active users in chat in channels having the game enabled.

I did not plan to make this game available to the public, but too many people asked me to do so, so here it is... :)


Live right now!

These streamers are live right now and have the game enabled

LadyG76, BuckFitchs, malice_dumpling, calibuttafly, Shadowlands, SugaredYetiGaming, LosCuatroAmigos, ToxicDevilTTV, 1_NightDragon, DatDaddyZaddy, benzogamernurse